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  • NYC’s Landmarks Preservation Commission

    NYC’s Landmarks Preservation Commission

    The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) regulates what can and cannot be built/altered in historic districts across the city. The Historic Districts Council (HDC) reviews every public proposal to the city’s landmarks and historic districts and provides testimony on whether or not HDC believes the architectural changes should be changed or supported. An empty lot, formerly…

  • Kente Royal Gallery

    Kente Royal Gallery

    Make sure to take a moment to visit the Kente Royal Gallery on ACP at 139 to see Elan Cadiz’s work on Scaffold: The Equality of Treatment: https://www.kenteroyalgallery.com/gallery The current exhibit there from Scaffold: Equity of Treatment 2020 – ongoing Scaffold: Equity of Treatment is about the importance  of self-reflection and preservation and how these…