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  • Black Drivers Pay More (Insurance)

    Black Drivers Pay More (Insurance)

    Chau Lam from We The Commuters reports on the cost of (Black) insurance in NYC: New York City drivers living in predominantly Black and low-income communities pay hundreds and thousands of dollars more for auto insurance than drivers living in predominantly white and wealthy neighborhoods, according to a new report from the nonprofit Consumer Federation…

  • Juneteenth Block Party

    Juneteenth Block Party

    Saturday, June 18th, Noon to 6pm, join a free block party at 131st Street and FDB. All Welcome! HBCU College Fair Tomorrow! Join the 28th Precinct at an HBCU college fair. 2271 8th Avenue (St. Nicholas between 122/123), Noon to 4PM. All welcome. Free. Loans, Mortgages, and Insurance Learn more about loans, mortgages, and insurance…