Incarceration Rates

How Calculated: 

Crude rate of of incarcerated adults in NYC Department of Correction facilities per 1,000 population ages 18 and older.

Addresses at admission to New York City Department of Correction facilities were geocoded; 69% of all records could be geocoded to a valid NTA. Data were limited to those ages 18 years of age and older and deduplicated by individuals’ unique ID numbers and NTAs of residence. The six years of count data were annualized by dividing by six.

Source: New York City Department of Correction

Lafayette Theater

A great photo of the Lafayette Theater on ACP for sale on Ebay:

The theater is was the site of the acclaimed Harlem Macbeth, and a few years ago was demolished and now looks like this:

You can read more, here:

Community Level Violent Crime and Incarceration Rates in NYC

It is interesting to compare the map above with the jail incarceration rate map, below.


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