The Oldest Scaffolding in New York recently had an article on Village residents rejoicing that a long-standing sidewalk scaffolding was coming down.

Harlem residents near Lenox and 115th Street claim that scaffolding on the north-east corner has been there since 1990 – 32 YEARS!

Somehow generations of City Council and NYC Mayors have not found a way to end the practice of erecting a sidewalk shed and then leaving it in place for years and even decades.

Hotel Rooms By The Hour

¬†Two hotels that have allegedly rented rooms by the hour at 511 and 515 West 145th Street, have been sold. A worker standing outside was asked who bought them. She would only say “going to a good cause”.

The owner at would not divulge who the properties have been sold to. He said they are doing the closing shortly.

Hotels in 1851

In 1851 you could go to two hotels in our neighborhood. One would be where the (MTA) train line on Park Ave. meets the Harlem River, and the other would be at 128/3rd, where a public school now exists:

Also note that from 125 to 127th, between Park Avenue and 5th Avenue, there was a nursery (Floy’s Nursery).