The Other Harlems

No, not the Haarlem in the Netherlands, the Harlems in Georgia, Montana, Florida, and Illinois.

This project doesn’t account for neighborhoods but only takes into consideration counties or towns. Thus our Harlem isn’t in the running. The population numbers of America’s other Harlems is interesting:

If you’d like to test drive another location, here’s the link:

Lindy Hop

The International Lindy Hop festival and competition comes to Harlem. If you’re into dance, you don’t want to miss world-class competitions, insightful dance classes with expert instructors, incredible live music, open social dancing late into the night, and swing community events like the World Lindy Hop Day celebration, walking tours of Harlem, the Black Lindy Hoppers’ Fund Swing Dance Museum, and more.

During Memorial Day Weekend 2023 (May 25–29), an estimated 1,000 swing dance and jazz music enthusiasts will gather in New York City’s historic Harlem neighborhood to “Celebrate Lindy Hop where it all began!” with the World Finals of the 2023 International Lindy Hop Championships.

Best of all, you’ll meet hundreds of other dancers, from all over the world, who are as passionate about Lindy Hop as you!


Participatory Budgeting

NYC’s Neighborhoods

In November, NYC released an updated map of neighborhoods, and while there is not likely anything too controversial in the designations, the generational shift from “West Harlem” to Morningside Heights, Manhattanville, Hamilton Heights, and Sugar Hill, is evident.

To see the full map, click HERE.


Amazon’s Prime Video has announced season 2 of Harlem is set to drop on February 3rd. There’s a lot to catch up on—including a newfound love triangle between Camille; her ex-fiancé, Ian; and her current boyfriend, Jameson; as well as Quinn exploring her sexuality; Tye confronting her physical health; and Angie working toward financial stability.

“Thematically, this season is overwhelmingly about Black joy and finding our happiness in the little things in life and learning to accept our version of womanhood, whatever that may be, instead of what society dictates,” Oliver tells “There’s lots of fun adventures in Season 2, but the one I’m most excited about is our girls go to Puerto Rico for a girls trip.”

Harlem Laundry – 1765

One of the oldest views of Harlem (looking at Harlem from the South Bronx, near the site of today’s 3rd Avenue Bridge, is found in the collection of George III – now housed by The British Museum.

The view makes Harlem look like a quiet, sleepy hamlet. Note the church with pointed steeple on the right, the small boats, and the homes.

I was, however, interested to see that there is not only one, but two laundry lines represented here.


To see the image and zoom in, see:


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