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  • Color Stock Film of Harlem 1963

    Color Stock Film of Harlem 1963

    A shout-out to Harlem Bespoke who mentioned this Pathe 8 minute film of stock images of New York City in 1963: If you want to focus on the short section on Harlem, scrub over to 5:15 on the YouTube video. Janes Walk – A Great Day In Harlem Join members of Landmark East Harlem (LEH)…

  • New Supermarket Opening

    New Supermarket Opening

    A new supermarket – Lidl – will open tomorrow at 8 AM. The first 100 customers will get gift cards ranging from $5-$100. The German discount grocer, which spent more than $5 million renovating the old Best Market thatclosed in that space in early 2021, will offer private label items (many organic and gluten-free), produce,…