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  • The Fires

    The Fires

    Most Harlem residents know about (or lived through) the era of disinvestment, redlining, and white-flight that disfigured Harlem in the second half of the 20th century. Many also know that this time was a time of countless fires that started from squalid living conditions, unmaintained building systems, apathy, simple arson, and calculated insurance fraud. The…

  • Shootings


    Residents of some neighborhoods are at much greater risk of experiencing violence – and its many health effects. Violence is rooted in historical disinvestment and racism. Evidence shows that violence results from social structures that limit access to basic needs – structures that are fueled by racism, residential segregation, and neighborhood disinvestment. Where these structures…

  • Meet Your Mayor

    Meet Your Mayor

    As you likely know, the mayoral race in NYC is almost overwhelmin. To help voters navigate options, THE CITY has created Meet Your Mayor, which shows you how the candidates’ stands fit with how you are seeing the race. Here’s what to do: You answer a few short multiple-choice questions on some of the most pressing matters…