Fire Watchtower

This view of the historic Marcus Garvey Park’s fire watchtower by Robert Bracklow shows a bucholic scene of children and adults (no women) relaxing on the extremely well maintained acropolis:

The photo is undated, but assumed to be taken sometime between 1890 and 1910. Note how the watchtower has glass windows, curtains, and is in excellent shape:

The well dressed children and men, seated on benches, enjoying a summer (?) day, serve as a dramatic contrast to the people who hang out at the top of the park in 2022.

Art At Collyer Brothers’ Park

Make sure to walk by 128th Street and 5th Avenue to check out the artwork on the fence of the Collyer Brothers’ Park:

Artist Julio Valdez’s work (collectively titled: I Can’t Breathe) is a response to the murder of Black Americans at the hands of the police.

Julio Valdez is a former artist in residence at The Studio Museum of Harlem.

To learn more about the park and its creation, see:

The Firetower