The impact of COVID-19 will be felt for decades to come. A look at eviction filings in New York show the plummet to near 0 in the early days of the pandemic:

To get a sense of how this graph of 2020 compares to filings in pre-pandemic 2019, see:

Removing 2020 (a highly anomalous year) and comparing pre-pandemic 2019 to the significantly anomalous year of 2021, the significant decline in eviction filings was a defining state for 2021:

As for the geographical distribution on evictions, and for a closer look at how Harlem fared, this map shows the general trend of an increase in eviction filings, the further one travels from Manhattan’s financial district.

The exception was Staten Island, which saw more eviction filings closer to downtown Manhattan.

To see the data for yourself, explore the NYU Furman Center’s amazing portal on eviction:



The People’s Church on East 111th Street had this wonderful example of yarn art on its wall. And truly, we all need more amor.

CB11 Meetings

Public Safety & Transportation Committee Meeting
Tuesday • May 10th • 6:30pm
In order to attend this meeting, please register in advance for this webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Request for parking regulation change to install “No Standing Anytime” sign at 2290 First Avenue (118th St). The new regulation would facilitate the deliveries for the food distribution operation of Fraternite Notre DameInformational presentation re: Concrete SafarisInformational presentation re: Assertive Community Engagement & Success (ACES)
Land Use, Landmarks & Planning Committee Meeting
Wednesday • May 11th • 6:30pm
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Update on planned 126th Street Harlem African Burial Ground Memorial and Mixed-Use ProjectUpdate on planned ECF Project at the School of Cooperative Technical Education (Coop Tech) on East 96th Street Committee discussion on the 421a Property Tax Exemption

Calabar Gallery

One of the joys of Harlem is visiting the galleries, large and small, that display such a range of amazing art.

The Calabar Gallery, at 2504 Frederick Douglass Blvd, (646-964-5062) focuses on representing underserved artists locally and globally, with a special interest in African, African American and Caribbean artists.

The gallery is an exhibition space, community space, retail location, and well worth checking out.


538 has a fascinating article on how the expected tsunami of evictions not only didn’t happen, but evictions are below historic norms:


Vigil Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Fri) at 10 am, you are invited to a vigil in memory of Mr. Yao Pan Ma. Join us to grieve with the Ma family and wish that justice will be served. We will lay down white flowers and light white candles at the location of the attack. 

Come join Harlem’s residents our officials to recommit to unity. We will call for better safety in the area where Mr. Ma was attacked and more social services for our vulnerable people, including our seniors and our homeless population. May something good come out of this tragic event.

PLEASE HELP spread the word about the event to the media and residents. Your support would be a great solace for the grieving family and to our large Asian senior population in Harlem.

You can also help repost and retweet on social media here: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For more information, write to Upper Manhattan Asian American Alliance at [email protected] or call 415 215 2035. Anyone interested in supporting the Asian residents in Harlem can sign up to volunteer or donate on our website here.

Court Ordered Evictions

How Calculated: 

Rate of executed evictions ordered by the New York City Housing Court, including those pending and scheduled as of December 31, per 10,000 housing units.

Eviction data are reported by New York City Marshals and gathered from NYC Open Data. For more information, see: https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Evictions/6z8x-wfk4

Source: New York City Department of Investigation

Odyssey House on East 126 Advances

Odyssey House – a major social services provider in East Harlem (one of their buildings is shown below from the Metro-North platform) – is advancing its project on East 126th Street.

Concrete is being poured. Pump trucks are engaged:

Sign Up for the 25th Precinct Community Council Meeting

Please use the above link to register for the 25th Precinct’s Community Council meeting – October 20th at 6:00 PM.  They need a count of how many plan on attending in person.
Thank you all so much