Limited English

How Calculated: 

Estimated number of people who do not speak English at home and are not English Proficent, divided by the total population; expressed as percent.

Source: American Community Survey

We Are All New Yorkers

Uptown Grand Central writes:

Yo yo here we go! So glad to be a part of TOGETHER, WE ARE NEW YORKalong with creatives from other boroughs including Brooklyn’s Weeksville Heritage Center, Queens’ Louis Armstrong House Museum, Staten Island’s Sundog Theatre and the Bronx’s Kingsbridge Heights Community Center.

We’ve been convened by the Association for a Better New York to produce community-based arts campaigns that celebrate our city’s residents, resiliency, and cultural diversity as we power through this pandemic.

Here in East Harlem, we’ve got a few things up our sleeves for you on the storefront gates along East 125th Street.

Much love to our community collaborators, Harlem Wellness Center and artists MenaceresaKristy McCarthyKronLostbreed Culture and Andre Trenier.