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  • A 1980’s View of East Harlem

    A 1980’s View of East Harlem

    See a great 1986 snapshot of East Harlem: https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/a-look-back-our-block-east-harlem/ New Parent Support Group

  • $10,000,000 for East Harlem

    $10,000,000 for East Harlem

    Pix11 has a report on a check for East Harlem from New York State to improve conditions. https://pix11.com/news/local-news/manhattan/east-harlem-receiving-10m-community-investment/ Hope in Harlem The inaugural HOPE in Harlem Conference is taking place on Saturday May 13th.  The purpose of the conference is to celebrate the heroic efforts of mental health professionals and community members during the pandemic…

  • Ranked Choice Voting – Get Ready for the Democratic Primary – June 27th

    Ranked Choice Voting – Get Ready for the Democratic Primary – June 27th

    Voters will use ranked choice voting (RCV) once again in the June 27, 2023 primary for most of the candidates shown on their ballots. Many Harlem residents (with party affiliation), will be able to vote for candidates for City Council. Ranked choice is used only for primaries, not general elections; come November, we’ll go back…

  • Top 10 Lists From ChatGPT

    Top 10 Lists From ChatGPT

    We’ve all seen those annoying websites with pop-up ads as we travel around the web that feature “Top 7 ways to…” Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being employed by these click-bait sites in order to create ‘content’ and drive up their ad revenue. Here is an example of the content that was generated titled: And…

  • Just East Of The Apollo

    Just East Of The Apollo

    I came across a photo of the street scene in front of the Apollo from 1963 – almost 60 years ago: It was great to see Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and other amazing acts featured, but I was intrigued by the steak house next-door (east) called Harlem Embers. In the 1940’s the NYC tax photos…

  • NYC is Greener Than Its Suburbs

    NYC is Greener Than Its Suburbs

    (but you knew that) Borough President Mark Levine highlighted an article in the NY Times that mapped energy usage (carbon footprint) on a district-by-district basis and showed the stark contrast between dense urban areas with many public transit options and car-centric suburbs: East Harlem Featured in War Era Propaganda Film An amazing film from 1945…

  • Radio


    In the photo below, a group of men listen to a radio, mounted on a box. Their semicircular gathering allows the camera to take in a vignette with the central object (the radio) in full view – all of which suggests a staged photograph. The image was taken in the 1930s during the depression. This…

  • Funds for the East Harlem Greenway Along the Harlem River

    Funds for the East Harlem Greenway Along the Harlem River

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city has received a $7.25 million federal grant to plan for a major expansion of the greenway network across the five boroughs, with a focus on historically underserved, lower-income communities that lack access to affordable transportation and job opportunities. The funding comes from a U.S. Department…

  • KISS


    It’s not often you link Harlem and 1970’s heavy metal, but a weird factoid popped up on of those LinkNYC screens the other day that noted that Gene Simmons taught (for six months) grade 6 in East Harlem before his band – KISS – took off in 1973. From Our Georgia Correspondent On a (very)…

  • CUNY’s East Harlem Restaurant Guide

    CUNY’s East Harlem Restaurant Guide

    CUNY has come up with a somewhat pedantic restaurant guide for East Harlem. They’ve covered most of the bases, but oddly have some restaurants that haven’t been open for 2 years now and others are located firmly in Central Harlem. It seems surprising that they didn’t check whether or not the restaurants were still in…

  • In The Street

    In The Street

    If you haven’t watched this short film (black and white, shot on 16mm film stock in 1948) you should, just to get a sense of East Harlem in the immediate post-war era. Puerto Ricans and Italians make up the majority of the people (often children) filmed via small, hidden 16 mm film cameras. This unique…

  • Harlem Grown Garden (West 127th Street)

    Harlem Grown Garden (West 127th Street)

    The Harlem Grown Garden, on West 127th Street is a jewel in the community. It’s got chickens, raised beds, solar power, and a robust community engagement schedule that includes compost drop-offs. And to top it off, the East side of the garden has a fantastic mural for all to see: All The East Harlem Block…