Do You Have an Opinion on NYC’s Streets?

NYC’s DOT Wants to Hear From You

The future of New York City is one where everyone has access to reliable and environmentally-friendly transportation options, as well as safe and welcoming streets and public spaces.

NYC DOT is developing the NYC Streets Plan, a five-year transportation plan to improve the safety, accessibility, and quality of the City’s streets for all New Yorkers.

The plan will involve an in-depth analysis of the current state of New York City’s streets and respond equitably to the uniqueness of the City’s many neighborhoods and local needs.

The plan is being developed in response to Local Law 195 enacted in December 2019, which directs NYC DOT to issue and implement a transportation master plan every five years.


Public outreach begins with the launch of the NYC Streets Plan online survey, which will allow you to give us your feedback on your priorities regarding our streets. NYC DOT will use the feedback to help us understand overall transportation priorities as well as the specific needs of our City’s diverse neighborhoods.

There will be virtual public workshops focusing on all five boroughs in the coming months. Visit the Events section for the public workshop calendar.

Pedestrian crossing the street at Queens Blvd, Queens.
NYC Streets Plan Engagement PhaseTimeframe
Online Survey LaunchesJune 2021
Virtual Public Workshops Round OneJuly 2021
Virtual Public Workshops Round TwoSeptember & October 2021
Final Plan DueDecember 2021

Provide Feedback

Your input is vital to the NYC Streets Plan. NYC DOT is seeking feedback on your experience on NYC’s streets and your ideas on how to make them better via our online survey:

Take Survey


NYC DOT is conducting a series of virtual public workshops. Workshops are open to all interested New Yorkers and will take place during different times of day to accommodate various schedules. If you cannot attend the workshop where you live, we encourage you to attend another one at your convenience.

Please register for a workshop below:

NYC Streets Plan Virtual Public Workshops Calendar

Workshop 3Manhattan Core, Community Boards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8Tuesday, July 136:00pm – 8:00pmRegister now for Workshop 3
Workshop 4Upper Manhattan, Community Boards 9, 10, 11 & 12Thursday, July 152:00pm – 4:00pmRegister now for Workshop 4

Help Our Trees

As the recent hurricane showed, our street trees take a huge beating in extraordinary events like Isaias and in the world of day-to-day life on the streets of New York.

You may not know this but the moment a tree is planted in the sidewalk, the open patch of dirt and anything contained in it miraculously (okay, legally) changes from DOT control to Parks Department. Flowers, mulch, tree guards, trees, whatever – if it’s in a tree pit, Parks owns it – even if you planted it!

There is no (legal) such thing as ‘my’ tree in the sidewalk. The city owns it and manages it via the Parks Department irrespective of origin. That said, we all exist in a realpolitik space where we can’t necessarily count on city agencies to respond to every minute need, and thus we, as concerned citizens, need to take the initiative and do what’s right.

After paving (think Park and 5th Avenues this past week), block parties, film shoots, and family gatherings, ‘our’ street trees often remain taped with notices. Please, if you see taped notices on trees, remove it as carefully as you can.

Tape traps moisture, that both rots bark, and provides a moist haven for damaging insects. (Think of bandaids you might have left on a bit too long.)

Always, remove taped/stapled notices from trees (once the event has passed) and help a struggling street tree.