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  • NYC Bill Intro 163-2022: Ban on Criminal Background Checks

    NYC Bill Intro 163-2022: Ban on Criminal Background Checks

    NYC City Councilman Keith Power has re-introduced a bill, Intro 632-2022, to ban the use of criminal background checks in rental & sale applications. This bill is supported by both Councilmembers Jordan and Ayala. You can participate in VoterVoice to voice your opinion (for or against) bill, Intro. 632. VoterVoice will allow you to send messages directly to…

  • In The Street

    In The Street

    If you haven’t watched this short film (black and white, shot on 16mm film stock in 1948) you should, just to get a sense of East Harlem in the immediate post-war era. Puerto Ricans and Italians make up the majority of the people (often children) filmed via small, hidden 16 mm film cameras. This unique…

  • NBT Dedication

    NBT Dedication

    Barbara Ann Teer speaks about the inspiration of her sister in forming and developing the National Black Theater at this groundbreaking dedication clip (click on the chevron pointing right on the text, below) : And to hear more about the devistating fire that (in part) sparked the rebirth of the National Black Theater, see: Randall’s…

  • Night Watch

    If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, or been in an art history class, odds are that you’ve come across the painting Night Watch by Rembrandt. This famous painting shows a group of well off townsfolk who’ve assembled with weapons and a drum, to ostensibly keep the peace in their town. The painting is, of course,…

  • Update on Mayor Visit of 125 Street

    Update on Mayor Visit of 125 Street

    Read the updates from elected officials regarding actions taken to address quality of life and safety issues on 125th Street.