Heart to Heart is Back

Mark Your Calendar!!
Heart to Heart Concert is LIVE again from Symphony Space!
HEART TO HEART CONCERT – The Sounds of Gospel!
Date: Saturday, September 17, 2022
Time: The concert begins at 6:00pm EST 
Location: Peter Norton Symphony Space
Address: 2537 Broadway, NY, NY
(Located on the southwest corner of 95th St and Broadway) 
We’re back and ready to “Raise the Praise!” 
Labor of Love Association hosts Heart to Heart Concert – New York’s Premiere Event for Authentic Traditional/Contemporary Gospel Music!
What A Thrilling Line-Up! Our Featured Performers for the 2022 Concert
The Labor of Love Ensemble, Reverend Vandell Atkins, Brother Jospeh Ellis, Brother Alson Farley, Jr, Elder George Heyward, The Richard Curtis Singers, and Brother Henry Mitchell

This year Heart to Heart presents, “The Sounds of Gospel!” Join us as we celebrate the origins of Gospel, one of the most prolific genres of American music!
Don’t miss this evening that will take you on a journey through the phases of Gospel from the early days of “call and response” to the energizing sounds of contemporary Gospel music!
Plan now to be with us on Saturday, September 17 for an evening of high-energy gospel music and a fascinating trip down musical memory lane! You don’t want to miss this year’s concert experience. Tickets are available now.

We can’t wait to see you in person in September!
The Labor of Love Ensemble
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Another Primary Is Coming on August 23rd

This summer has two primaries instead of one. We chose candidates for statewide races like Assembly and governor in June. On August 23, we’ll choose nominees for Congress and the State Senate.
Early voting runs between August 13 but, before you head to the polls, however, make sure you double check your polling location using the city Board of Elections poll site locator tool — and keep in mind that, often, your early voting site will be different than your election day site.
Where’s Your District, and Who’s Running?If you’re not sure where your new political districts are after the big political reshuffling earlier this year, find out with this redistricting tool and interactive map.
You can also use the map to find out who’s running for each office. Or, you can find your sample ballot from the city BOE — with a list of candidates who will appear for each contest — by plugging in your address here, then clicking the dark blue “View Sample Ballot” button on the right hand side of the page.
Note that a potentially primary-changing election law fluke last week that will effectively turn August’s election into an open primary.Because of a loophole opened during the court-mandated redistricting reshuffling this year, voters can switch parties and vote in whatever primary they choose in August — and can do so up until or on primary day.
That means a voter registered as a Republican right now could, in theory, switch their party to Democrat and vote in the Democratic primary this month, for example.
In a low-turnout primary, it could have a major effect on races’ outcomes.
Here’s a guide from WNYC/Gothamist about how to switch parties, and the limitations of the rule change.

Children Tested With Elevated Lead

How Calculated: Number of children less than 6 years old tested in a given year with blood lead levels of 15 mcg/dL or greater, divided by the number of children less than 6 years old who were tested for lead poisoning in a given year; expressed as cases per 1,000 tested. The numbers in this table include all children tested within a given calendar year, regardless of whether they were tested in previous years with the same or different blood lead levels. While children can receive more than one test during the calendar year, children are only counted once using the highest confirmed blood lead level during the calendar year. If the child does not have a confirmed test in a given year, the child’s blood lead level is based on the highest capillary or unknown test type. This measure differs from the rate of children newly identified with blood lead levels of 15 mcg/dL or greater reported by the Health Department in other publications. 

Read more about different measures used by the Health Department for surveillance of childhood lead poisoning.

Source: New York City Healthy Homes Program

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem is Open

After a long pause during COVID, the National Jazz Museum is open. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Head to their website to grab a timed ticket:

Harlem Rose Garden Concert

A People’s History of Strings

Created by Puerto Rican-American violinist and educator Skye Steele, A People’s History of Strings is an interactive musical and multi-media journey that traces the evolution of fiddles around the world. Starting from the first bowed instruments in Central Asia two thousand years ago, audiences travel through the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and back to the USA.

Woven into the narrative is Skye’s own family history of immigration, acculturation, and re-discovery, as reflected in the musical lineage of his grandfather, his mother, and himself.   

A People’s History of Strings explores relationships between cultures by exposing the connections between musical traditions that range from jazz and salsa to the classical music of Europe and the Middle East, all while offering a deeper and de-colonized understanding of an instrument we thought we knew so well.


Skye Steele – Narration; European, Turkish, Ghanaian, and Brazilian fiddles, vocals.

Gilbert Mansour – Middle Eastern and Latin percussion, drum set, vocals.

Mayteana Morales – Latin percussion, vocals.

Michael LaValle – Brazilian percussion, bass, cavaquinho, vocals.

Willerm Delisfort – piano, percussion

Refinancing Workshop from MMPCIA and Chase

Chase/MMPCIAMortgage Refinancing Workshop
Thursday, October 14th, 6:30 pm
an interactive workshop hosted by the Chase Community Branch Team to learn more about opportunities to refinance your home mortgage. 
In person (limited space) or via Zoom.

Registration link:


Kristin Richardson Jordan to Meet With HNBA Tonight

HNBA will host Kristin Richardson Jordan tonight at 7:00 PM to talk about her historic upset of the Harlem machine, her plans for City Council District 9, the upcoming November election, and what she means by Radical Love for Harlem.

To join in, reach out to Shawn, Hallia, Cecile, Saiyda, or Kat for the link, or email: [email protected]

Heart to Heart on Saturday

Date: Saturday, September 18, 2021
Time: Starting at 6:00pm
EST Location: Online from the comfort of your own home!  

Live events continue to be on hold, but,Labor of Love Association is dedicated and resourceful!
We will host the 2021 Heart to Heart Concert, New York’s Premier Event for Authentic Traditional/Contemporary Gospel Music, online again this year so you can enjoy from the safety and comfort of home!  
The Labor of Love Ensemble
Brother Alson Farley, Jr
Reverend Vandell Atkins
Elder George Heyward
Sister Kimmy Jenkins
The Richard Curtis Singers
Brother Richard Page

Broadway venues are still reeling from the effects of 2020. But that won’t stop us from bringing to you an EXCITING and UPLIFTING virtual concert. Just what we All NEED!
Streaming live into your home on Saturday, September 18th comes music you love, PLUS a high-energy *virtual show* that includes healthy lifestyle tips.
Fundraising: In lieu of ticket sales, we hope you’ll support our purpose and mission with a donation. Give what you can and make a difference!
Your support is deeply appreciated.

As Seen on Madison

$100 and Free Vaccine

Madison Avenue between East 128th and 129th Streets.

Heart to Heart

Our HNBA board member extraordinaire, Hallia Baker puts on this incredible program – Heart to Heart – every holiday season. This year, of course, is different. However, the great thing is you can stream the event directly into your home as you gather with family, prepare your dinner, or just spend a couple of days off work.

A Holiday Gift Just For You! (Through January 4, 2021)   Labor of Love Association wishes all of our friends and family a very Joyous Holiday Season and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year! In the spirit of the season, we share with you a look back at our 2019 Christmas play The Cherubs Try Again and the Heart 2 Heart Christmas 2019 Holiday Concert

As you nestle with family over the holidays, enjoy our little show, have a few laughs, and sing along with us the good message of JOY!     How to access the broadcast:   From any device, go to our website at www.heart2hearthealthypraise.com  On the home page, you’ll see two boxes that are linked to the shows.
Click on either “Full Show” or “Concert Only” and the show will begin. It’s that easy! 
As we close out our fundraising efforts for 2020, if you feel so inclined, a donation in any amount is always appreciated! Click HERE to make an online donation.  If you prefer to make your donation by check:     Make the donation payable to:

The Labor of Love Association, Inc.
Mail to: The Labor of Love Association, Inc.
57 East 126th Street, Suite 2
New York, NY 10035
Attention: Shkigale Baker, Treasurer

Uptown Grand Central is Lit!

WINTER LIGHTSWE’RE LIT: What better way to mark the longest, darkest night of the year than by filling the street with light!

Our winter lights started shining on the Winter Solstice, just as dusk fell. From there it only got more magical, with the beat of the Marching Cobras drumline calling our local small business owners out to the sidewalk.

While we can’t celebrate this year as large as we might like, we are grateful to Councilwoman Diana Ayala, the Community Association of the East Harlem Triangle, the tree team from Urban Garden Center, and all of you who donated to our crowdfunder for helping make this winter magic happen.

Much love also to the Harlem Neighborhood Block Association for partnering to bring a little love and recognition to the heathcare workers at Northern Manhattan Rehab, with hundreds of bottles of Ginjan.

Winter is here! From this point on, the days only get brighter.

Heart to Heart – Correction

HEART TO HEART CONCERT – VIP Victorious in Praise!Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020

2020 Virtual Concert Logo 090220a.tif
Time: Starting at 6:00pm EST 
Location: Online from the comfort of your own home!  

Mea Culpa!  We learned after sending our email message to you last week that the donation link we included has a security measure in place that may have prohibited you from being able to complete your donation successfully.

Our apologies
for any inconvenience. If you wish to make a donation online, click HERE to visit our fundraising page. Once there, simply click on the donation icon. We know that will work!

Prefer to mail your check in the old-fashioned way? Below is our address.
Make checks payable to: The Labor of Love Association
Mail to: 57 East 126th Street, Ste. 2, New York, NY 10035

Many thanks for your patience and support.
Hallia Baker 

Heart to Heart Concert 2020!

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Starting at 6:00pm EST 
Online from the comfort of your own home! 

Live events are on hold, but, Labor of Love Association will still host the Heart to Heart Concert, New York’s Premiere Event for Authentic Traditional/Contemporary Gospel Music.  
The Labor of Love Ensemble
Brother Alson Farley, Jr
Reverend Vandell Atkins
Elder George Heyward
The Richard Curtis Singers
Hammond Organ greats: Brother Richard Page and Brother Henry Mitchell

This year we’re doing something NEW and EXCITING and CLEVER:
Streaming live into your home on Saturday, September 26th with the music you love, PLUS a high-energy *virtual show* that includes our *new educational initiative* called OXYGEN! (Learn more below)
Fundraising: In lieu of ticket sales, we hope you’ll support our purpose and mission with a donation. Give what you can and make a difference. Your support is deeply appreciated. 
NEW this year…It’s OXYGEN – Just Breathe!  We’re blending some education into the evening that will provide you with resources to sustain and manage YOUR wellness!   We’re honored to have Dr. Sherika Newman, founder of Doctor in the Family, as our featured speaker.  Throughout the evening, she’ll share valuable information about how you can have managed, organized care and break down all the confusion many of us experience getting what we need from our medical partners.   

OXYGEN: It’s as easy as “just breathing”.Plan to have a virtual seat at Heart to Heart Concert & Oxygen!

Donate now!

You won’t want to miss this year’s experience!