The Silent Parade

Silent Parade, July 28, 1917.

Following a series of lynchings in Waco, Texas and Memphis, Tennessee in late 1916 and early 1917 and the vicious mob violence that killed 39 black men during a riot in St. Louis (though the actual number of dead and injured was likely much higher), the NAACP organized a demonstration. Called the ‘Silent Parade,’ more than 10,000 African-Americans marched slowly and silently down Fifth Avenue on Saturday, July 28, 1917. The women and children wore white. The NAACP sends out a notice for the event that included phases they hoped attendees might carry as signs. These included…

Make America Safe for Democracy.

The first blood for American Independence was shed by a Negro—Crispus Attucks.

America has lynched without trial 2,876 Negroes in 31 years and not a murderer has suffered.

Racial prejudice is the offspring of ignorance and the mother of lynching.

The great contradiction— love of God and hatred of man.

12-Story Building Coming to West 135th Street

Permits have been filed for a 12-story mixed-use building at 316 West 135th Street at St. Nicholas Ave. The building will be adjacent the B/C 135th Street subway station

The proposed building will have 22 residences and a ground floor of commercial space and be located in the vacant lot, pictured above.

Music In A Harlem Garden, Tomorrow

Community Gardens

Localize has an analysis of which boroughs have the most proximate community gardens:

Their map shows how bereft of community gardens Queens is:

Here in Harlem we are blessed with a number of community gardens in relative proximity to many of us. The garden I manage is an East Harlem jewel, Lydia’s Magic Garden:

Come and visit. Park Avenue (east side) between 117/118.

National Grant Winner

Lydia’s Magic Garden has won a Pure Growth Project grant for 2021/2022.

This national grant contest will help Lydia’s Magic Garden in our 2021/2022 Dirty GoGo project.

Dirty GoGo is a root vegetable project where each gardener commits to Growing One, Giving One of the root vegetables in 2022. We want to share our produce with the community and some give to neighbors in need, some give to local pantries, and some give to other nearby not-for-profits that support food-stressed East Harlem residents.

Congratulations, Lydia’s Magic Garden:

Harlem Hall of Fame

A BET production, The Harlem Hall of Fame will honor the legends and icons that have made significant contributions to Harlem’s iconic and historic reputation around the globe.

The Hall of Fame is set to make its inaugural debut in August 2021, with a stellar line-up of inductees, via a multimedia execution that will include a virtual induction ceremony/documentary looking at the impacting lives of some of Harlem’s Living Legends (set for broadcast in August) as well as a physical Harlem Hall of Fame exhibition – featuring replicas and personal defining items of the honorees, set for Black History Month February 2022.

Love Garden

One of the most charming and vibrant NYCHA gardens can be found on West 129th Street near FDB. Love Garden is an amazing visual feast and well worth walking past.