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  • Harlem Rents Near Subways

    Harlem Rents Near Subways

    Renthop has an analysis of rent price increases for apartments close to subways. Looking at the 2/3 Lenox/125 station, the nearby rent increased by 18.4%: The 4/5/6 transit area increased by 17.8%: But the largest increase was near the A/B/C/D 125th Street station. Rents there increased by 20.3%: If you’re wondering, the Harlem rents near…

  • The Oldest Manhole Cover in New York

    The Oldest Manhole Cover in New York

    It’s interesting that the oldest manhole cover in New York is located here, in Harlem. This remnant, with the date – 1866 – proudly cast, is from the original Croton Aqueduct system that brought much-needed fresh water to New York City in the 19th Century. The water, of course, began upstate and was brought down…