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  • Christmas Sleighing in Harlem

    Christmas Sleighing in Harlem

    Sleigh riding on Harlem River Drive, under the Highbridge, headed south. The text is, as follows: The New York Speedway, which was built and is maintained exclusively for the trotting horse, is bordered by the Harlem River on one side and a major bluff on the other, which shuts out the wind. It could hardly…

  • Fidel Castro in Harlem

    Fidel Castro in Harlem

    On this day back in 1960, a German press photographer captured a mounted NYPD officer controlling a crowd of pro-Cuban Dominicans who were in Harlem, near the Theresa Hotel, to show their support for the new Cuban regime. Note that JFK had not yet been elected – that would come in November of 1960 –…