HNBA and Harlem East Block Association Meet The New Precinct Commanding Officer

From Kioka Jackson (the 25th Precinct Community Council President):

Good Morning Friends,

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for making last night’s meeting a success.  There was a ton of things discussed and I am sending affirmation that all of your concerns were heard.  When we said that you wouldn’t hear a resolution last night, it didn’t mean that we wouldn’t be doing our best to find resolution for the things within the control that we have.  I am confident that the 25th Precinct’s Commanding Officer and his team are taking all things into consideration.  

The word of the evening was: ACTIVATE! One of the ways that we find resolve together is strategically creating an action plan and executing it.  Together we can make change!  
When we come together our voices are heard, and work can get done.  Our District Leader agreed to work with community members to help level your concerns up to those who need to hear and see it.  This is a great start! Because I know her well – I know she stands by her word.  

Let me thank Shawn Hill and his team for sharing the word for community members to come out and speak up!  Let’s have the same energy for our ENTIRE area!  The same community issues and grievances effect the whole neighborhood.  TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER! 

I have vowed for the last couple of months that if we could continue to have a vibrant, full group that I will continue to bring requested voices to the table.  Last night a huge request was for more resources, more Officers. Next month, I am inviting the a few Chiefs to the table.  Because of the large group, we will need a bigger space – location to be announced.  

Lastly, let me repeat that we may not all agree but we can respectfully disagree.  My team is empathetic to all concerns and is up for the challenge to foster positive change. We can’t do that without you.  We are also respectful to people’s personal grievances regarding elected officials but in this particular meeting it is not the place to address it.  We are a bi-partisan entity of the NYPD charted by New York City. This not being a part of our meeting doesn’t mean that we agree or disagree – it’s just not the space where we can allow it.  

I am looking forward to all the good work that is about to happen!  

Good Things!

Kioka Jackson

HNBA Members Notice Increased Police Presence

A number of HNBA members, particularly near Madison/126 have reported increased police presence after Wednesday’s meeting at the 25th Precinct:

Thanks for your help [25th Precinct]. Please let everyone know that their efforts are paying off. Let’s hope there is sustainability

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