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  • Lincoln Houses To Be Built Soon After The War

    Lincoln Houses To Be Built Soon After The War

    In July 1945, as WWII was ending, The Crisis reported on a new development for the East Harlem Triangle – Lincoln Houses. To orient yourself in the (above) view, the detail below shows the Metro North bridge over the Harlem River. The view, therefore, is north-easterly. You can also note (below) that Lenox Terrace is…

  • Dessert


    In a pair of recent Eater articles, Harlem restaurants got shout outs for superlative conclusions to any meal or evening. Field Trip and Settepani are both highlighted. Read the reviews (below) to learn why you need to sample these local jewels. https://ny.eater.com/maps/best-tiramisu-nyc https://ny.eater.com/maps/best-desserts-nyc The Lindy Hop Went to Scandinavia Listen to the story of the…

  • The Fire Factory

    The Fire Factory

    In New York, sidewalks and roads are constantly being torn up for subsurface repairs. The eventual patches are notoriously uneven in quality, and some (especially if wet concrete) are susceptible to the lure of graffiti and the chance for a name, drawing, or slogan to be there, on the ground, possibly for decades. While walking…