The World Beneath Your Feet

311 is an amazing resource. One of the unheralded things it can address is if a manhole isn’t well seated, and makes a characteristic Clang-Clang as cars drive over it. If you live on a block plagued by this sound and want it to stop, 311 is your resource.

Utility companies and government agencies have equipment under the City’s streets. They access their equipment using square or rectangular-shaped metal covers. Companies and agencies must maintain their metal covers and the street surface around the hardware. 

You can report utility access covers that are:

  • Damaged
  • Sunken
  • Noisy

You also can report asphalt or concrete damage around the hardware. The Department of Transportation (DOT) investigates the reports and notifies the responsible agency.

Report a damaged, sunken, or noisy street utility access cover.

Seen On Lex

I noticed this manhole cover – although no person could get down this 14″ hole – on Lexington near East 128th Street:

Looking closely, you likely can see IRT – referring to the 4/5/6 line’s initial parent company, the Interborough Rapid Transit Company which went out of business (folded into a unified transit system in 1940). But PSC? That stands for the city agency that managed engineering projects (like the subways) in a part collaborative, part oversight role. The name was the Public Service Commission.

Jackie Robinson Block Party

The new Jackie Robinson Museum is about to open and is hosting a Block Party. And yes, you’re invited.

Cocktails (or Mocktails) on Randall’s Island

This FRIDAY, July 22, you are invited to make Cocktails on the Farm with RIPA’s very own Farmer Juan Carlos! Spend time with old friends – or meet new ones – here on the Urban Farm. 

There will be three cocktail/mocktail recipe options for you to choose from, all including ingredients picked the same day from the Farm. Enjoy cucumbers, basil, spilanthese, and more! One drink will be on the house for the first 45 attendees, and then more may be purchased. 

The event will take place from 6:30 PM to 8 PM at the Urban Farm here on the Island. Click here for details.

Our next Cocktails on the Farm event won’t be until Saturday, September 10, so be sure to come out to the Urban Farm this Friday! 

Thinking About Solar?

Paid Focus Group Opportunity
Funded by the DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office, Solstice Initiative has designed a research to help better understand the barriers that low to moderate-income populations face when accessing community solar. Findings from this research will grant more insights on community preferences in community solar, thus leading to a more inclusive and equitable community-solar landscape. Participants will join focus groups of 6-8 people for 2 hours and be compensated with $125. If interested, email [email protected].

Be Prepared

Cooler Kit Distribution

Wednesday, July 20 at 10am 105 East 116th St.Outside of Diana Ayala’s office

Cooler Kits will be distributed to the community to spread awareness of Extreme Heat and preparedness for Blackouts

Flyer attached below. While supplies last.

Test Kit Distribution

Wednesday, July 20 at 1pm*

With numbers increasing once again, The EHCOAD will be distributing Covid 19 Test Kits and masks.

Email: [email protected]

Fire Safety

Thursday July 21st at 4pm-Virtual

We will have a Fire Safety Seminar so that our community can learn ways to be safer and prepared in case of a Fire Emergency.

Zoom Link Here

Block Party on Saturday, July 23rd

East 129 (between Madison and 5th Avenue)

Children and Family-Focused Block Party Coming to East 126th Street

The 2041 5th Ave Co-Op on the corner of 126/5th will be hosting a children and family-focused block party on Saturday, July 23rd. The block party will be held on East 126th Street between Madison and 5th.

The event is being held to celebrate the children in the community and everyone who is young at heart.

By providing a safe space for our community’s young people and their elders, the hope is to build connections between everyone in the community.

Officer Powers – the community affairs officer from the 25th Precinct – and her colleagues will be monitoring and supporting the block party.

Take Care of Harlem

Juneteenth Block Party

Saturday, June 18th, Noon to 6pm, join a free block party at 131st Street and FDB.

All Welcome!

HBCU College Fair Tomorrow!

Join the 28th Precinct at an HBCU college fair.

2271 8th Avenue (St. Nicholas between 122/123), Noon to 4PM.

All welcome. Free.

Loans, Mortgages, and Insurance

Learn more about loans, mortgages, and insurance on Monday June 13th, 6:30 PM at El Barrio’s Artspace 109:

Another (East Harlem) Juneteenth Block Party

Sunday, June 19th. 11:00 – 7:00 PM

111 Between 3rd and Lexington.

Decriminalize Nature New York will have a table at this 2nd Annual East Harlem Juneteenth Block Party and coordinators with the group will be there to discuss their campaign to decriminalize naturally occurring entheogenic plants and fungi on a Grow, Gather, Gift model that prioritizes community based cultivation, access, research, and treatment.

DN resolutions have passed in over 10 municipalities including Oakland, CA, Washington DC, and Ann Arbor, MI.

DN members will also be seeking support for a Land Back & Reparations platform which specifically applies to Harlem and New York’s cannabis legalization and Social Equity funding.