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  • Le Tropezienne Bakery

    Le Tropezienne Bakery

    1st Avenue at 110th Street Le Tropezienne has back to school cookies. Note the Teacher Fuel edition, and the 1st Day Of Classes edition: it’s an amazing bakery and our go-to for amazing croissants and pastries. https://twobakeriesandarestaurant.com/#la-tropezienne AC Coming A great B/W image of the Victoria Theater on West 125th Street. In addition to a…

  • Ummm?


    Note that the Hellman Contracting truck was being driven by a woman. A New Harlem Nail Bar Opens Perhaps the most posh nail bar to open recently, opened at 125th Street and Madison: Blacklining Foundation – School Supplies Join the Blacklining Foundation as they support our students of East & Central Harlem on their return…

  • The Slowest Bus in NYC

    The Slowest Bus in NYC

    Every year The Straphangers Campaign ranks and rates the slowest and most unreliable bus routes in NYC. This year’s “winner” of the dreaded “Pokey” award — given to the slowest ride in the city — was Harlem’s M102 bus. The M102 “beat” the next slowest lines (Bx19, B35, Q32, and the S38) by achieving a…