115 to 123

Metro North is going to be completely replacing the elevated tracks between 115th Street and 123rd Street, starting in about 9 months or a year. However, not only are they going to do this massive task, but they’ll do it while the tracks are in use.

The engineering behind this is all predicated on closing off parts of Park Avenue and side streets and using a massive gantry system to hoist sections of track into place, once new supporting pillars are ready.

The replacement of this section of the elevated track is urgently needed to replace a 130+ year old structure that has far outlasted expectations.

Sugar Hill Arts Festival – Tomorrow!

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NY Post Raises Councilmember Jordan’s Council Attendance Record


The NY Post notes that Councilmember Jordan has missed 46 percent of her council committee and caucus meetings since last year, records show.

She’s been recorded absent 53 times and present 61 times with one entry listed as “conflict” since taking office in January of 2022.

“I wish she would be more active on the committee and the council,” said Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens), who chairs the veterans committee.

This year alone, she’s missed five meetings of the Aging Committee she serves on, four Youth Services and Sanitation Committee meetings, two Veterans Affairs Committee meetings and two full Council Committee meetings.

The councilwoman also skipped two meetings of the committees on Civil and Human Rights and Women and Gender Equity.

Richardson Jordan, 36, also was recorded as absent from the Council’s Manhattan delegation meeting on April 27. 

Our Council Member – AWOL And Not Representing Harlem

CM Kristin Jordan has been absent for 48 of the last 100 City Council meetings



Councilmember Jordan’s no-show record at City Council is adding up:

And the official record showing her lack of attendance is disturbing:

Over the first three months of this year, Kristin has attended only 5 out of 23 City Council meetings during budget season, arguably the most critical time of the legislative calendar. This lack of involvement is concerning, as it demonstrates a disconnection from the issues that affect our community.

Additionally, Kristin has missed nearly half of her committee meetings since taking office. To provide some perspective, Councilmember Perkins, who faced significant health challenges, ranked 49th out of 50 council members in attendance rate. Despite these challenges, Councilmember Perkins still maintained a better attendance record (64%) than Kristin Jordan (55%).

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DS Diana Ayala’s Attendance Record

Over the last 100 City Council meetings, DS Diana Ayala has had a 90% attendance record.