This photo from the Museum of the City of New York shows how denuded of trees Highbridge Park in Washington Heights was in 1960. The photo was taken by Gary Winogrand.

Proposed New Women’s Jail To Be Located in Harlem

Nick Garber, from, is reporting that activists for the incarcerated are pushing the city to move “Rosies” – the women, trans, and non-gender conforming jail (and inmates) from Rikers to Harlem.

Details here.

Harlem River Drive

One of my favorite songs of all time, Harlem River Drive, can be found on Soundcloud as a repeatedly covered and remixed tune:

The Library of Congress has a great short of horse racing on Harlem River Drive. Note the Aquaduct Bridge with its full complement of masonry arches before the center arches were replaced with a steel span to permit boat traffic:

Note the people on the Aqueduct Bridge, taking the parade of wealthy families and their horses.

To see the full 1903 film: