Mom Pics

Here’s something you can do beyond flowers for mom on mother’s day. The tech nonprofit Urban Archive this week launched “NY <3 Moms,” a new crowdsourced campaign in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Urban Archive wants you to submit photos of your mom or caregiver. The caveat is that the photo has to be taken across the five boroughs. Urban Archive will then take all of the crowdsourced images and add them to their extensive digital map of historic images.

For those interested in participating, send the photo of your mom in New York to Urban Archive, along with a few sentences about when and where the photograph was taken, at [email protected] or by direct messaging them on social media.

Don’t forget to include your name and email, the location and date of the photo (if possible), and a brief description.

Urban Archive will accept submissions through May 9. They will wrap up the campaign on Mother’s Day with a story that spotlights all of those “city moms” on Urban Archive. See examples of what they are looking for here.

(or, to see a picture of my mom, search on 1665 Park Avenue…)

Your Stomach Loves Us Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Stop the Hate One Belly at a Time

Rising above racial hostility, a non-profit initiative hopes to heal hearts through food starting early to mid-May this year.

Designed to give an alternative to the violence that has erupted toward Asian Americans since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Your Stomach Loves Us (#YSLU) comes to the rescue. Assured that hate and hangriness needs to hit the skids, the initiative will feed the communities where hostile incidents have occurred; and they’ll do it free of charge. With a full-stop win/win, dishes like Filipino lumpia, Chinese baozi, Korean dukbokki, and Japanese takoyaki will help chefs fight anti-Asian racist hate with the great equalizer – food. It’s the high road where it’s more than okay to stand armed in the streets with bento boxes. Welcome to practicality. Welcome to humanity on its best day. Can someone say, #dumplingpower?

Greg Taniguchi, the founder of Your Stomach Loves Us, said of the campaign, “I’ve seen too many posts and videos recently of anti-Asian violent incidents. This time, I’m not simply closing my browser. I’m doing something about it. I want us on the ground in these walking communities where the incidents took place because that’s how you connect. The person you share food with could, one day, need you to watch their back. It’s bigger than color. It’s a practice of love.”

With GoFundMe contributions, pop-ups from New York to San Francisco will serve curated cultural dishes to people who need to remember that love matters. Served at no cost to the communities where anti-Asian violence has recently occurred, YSLU organizers need financial support to “help fill people’s bellies with some luv’n.” They call for support to turn the 3,800 racist incidents into an opportunity for local restaurants and the people they feed. With a pay it forward approach, YSLU will target residents and restaurateurs in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. The first event will happen in New York City early to mid-May, and recurring events will follow throughout the state. Tips, donations, and the profits from promotional products will fund all future events. But, right now, Your Stomach Loves Us needs contributors’ monetary help as well as expertise and knowledge about how to support and rebuild communities.

Co-founder and owner-operator of KarlsBalls Takoyaki in NYC said, “If we get cut, we bleed the same color. If only the people attacking our elders and community realized there’s a little bit of themselves in every person. And by creating harm, in reality, they’re hurting themselves.”

For more information and to support the campaign, visit

GoFundMe Link:


Greg Taniguchi

Founder, Your Stomach Loves Us

[email protected]

(626) 679-3571

About Your Stomach Loves Us

Your Stomach Loves Us is a non-profit initiative that hopes to address anti-Asian racial hate through food events in communities hard hit by the pandemic.

Rally to Stop Violence Against Our Asian Neighbors

AAPI for Change Tri-State Rally on May 2

05/02/2021 at 5:00am – 05/02/2021 at 5:00pm

Bus Pick-Up Location: 34th St/5th Ave in NYC

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Change is committed to bringing different racial and ethnic backgrounds together to stand firmly against all forms of hatred and discrimination through civic engagement and open discussions. 

Join us for the AAPI for Change tri-state rally against AAPI violence! Get on the bus and travel with us to stand up for change. All are welcome. Masks and social distancing required.

3 separate rallies at City Hall in the following cities:

  • 9:00 am Philadelphia, PA
  • 12:00 pm Trenton, NJ
  • 4:00 pm New York, NY

As each coach bus fills up, we will continue adding more. Lunch, snacks & water will be provided. 

All participants will be required to participate in a temperature screening upon arrival and wear a mask while on the bus, even if you are vaccinated. If you are under the weather, please stay home.

Mental Health Program Locations

A quick map of the location of mental health programs in New York City.

Note that Manhattan and the South Bronx have far more programs than Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Keep in mind that both Queens and Brooklyn have larger populations that Manhattan.