Happy New Year

Happy 2021! May this year be better for you, your loved-ones, Harlem, New York, America, and the world.

The Path

From the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/28/nyregion/yang-chang-wiley-mayor-nyc.html

Goats (aka sheep) Butt Into Harlem

From the New York Times, 100 years ago:

To read the whole article, see:

Outdoor Dining Will Return (next summer, and kind of late…?)

The mayor has said that the COVID driven outdoor dining program will return next summer, on June 1st.

Outdoor dining at Harlem Shake on Lenox Avenue, Harlem, New York

“I wanted to say it now because I want people in communities to look forward and see that we’re going to keep coming back strong. I want the folks who own the restaurants to know that they’re going to have that additional revenue going forward. The folks who work in the restaurants to know that whatever else we have to weather, we have seen that this experiment worked,” said the mayor.

That seems kind of late in the season. Many people would be happy to dine out earlier in May, for example and our local restaurants will need every dollar they can get. Let’s hope outdoor dining does return, but earlier than the mayor’s plan.