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  • Still Don’t Know Who To Vote For?

    Still Don’t Know Who To Vote For?

    The City has the answer to all the ranked choice confusion swirling around in our collective zeitgeist By going through their version of political online dating, The City will show you which candidate’s answers to the same questions, most parallel yours: https://projects.thecity.nyc/meet-your-mayor/ultimate-match.html And a Great Article on New York’s Fractured Political Landscape from FiveThirtyEight.com The…

  • The Triboro and Dapper Pedestrians

    The Triboro and Dapper Pedestrians

    A lovely 1935-1940 postcard with dapper pedestrians and depression era cars taking in the Triborough bridge with Manhattan in the background. This painting (then turned into a postcard) shows the fashion (and hats) of the day. Note the hatless man on the right who appears to be the only one without a suit on a…

  • Mayoral Debate Regarding East Harlem on Monday

    Mayoral Debate Regarding East Harlem on Monday

    Patch’s Nick Garber reports: Amid complaints that East Harlem has been neglected by the city government, a forum next week will force candidates for mayor to explain how they would serve the neighborhood if elected. Monday’s mayoral forum will be hosted by the East Harlem Community Alliance, a collection of more than 200 organizations across…

  • Meet Your Mayor

    Meet Your Mayor

    As you likely know, the mayoral race in NYC is almost overwhelmin. To help voters navigate options, THE CITY has created Meet Your Mayor, which shows you how the candidates’ stands fit with how you are seeing the race. Here’s what to do: You answer a few short multiple-choice questions on some of the most pressing matters…

  • Power Outages

    Power Outages

    Last month’s power outages in Texas (Thanks deregulation!) led to the exponential use of a previously obscure website that tracks (nationally) power outages. This might be a good site to bookmark, although, the obvious ‘If the power is out, how are you going to look at it?’ question applies: https://poweroutage.us/area/regions The site shows states with…

  • Happy New Year

    Happy 2021! May this year be better for you, your loved-ones, Harlem, New York, America, and the world. The Path From the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/28/nyregion/yang-chang-wiley-mayor-nyc.html Goats (aka sheep) Butt Into Harlem From the New York Times, 100 years ago: To read the whole article, see: