Spatial Equality NYC – The Good News

It’s always best to lead off with good news…

Spacial Equality NYC provides an easy-to-use online tool to explore how our community compares to the rest of NYC in a wide range of environmental, health, and infrastructure concerns. Here are the areas in which Harlem is doing better than the city’s average(s).

While no amount of asthma is either good or acceptable, it’s interesting to see that Harlem’s adult asthma rate more or less parallels the city’s average:

Similarly, Harlem’s rank in terms of bus lanes is more or less the city average (lower than it should be, of course, but certainly average):

On the other hand, the surface temperatures of our community are certainly close to NYC’s city averages, if slightly better:

Bicycle parking (those circular or tubular bicycle racks) ranks slightly better than the city’s average:

Similarly, Harlem’s public benches are above the city’s averages:

Traffic injuries are more or less similar to the city’s average:

And, finally, our tree cover is slightly better than NYC’s average:

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