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The Greater Harlem Coalition has just launched a petition on

New York State’s Assembly and Senate Members should reject The Safer Consumption Act, bill s399/a338, unless the following 6 Safety Guardrails are added to the bill.

  • Open many supervised injection sites (SISs) or none at all
  • Keep injection sites 500 feet from schools and playgrounds
  • Allocate more funding to arrest drug dealers and end open-air drug scenes
  • Establish a formal community engagement plan with local residents
  • Hold SIS’s providers accountable for referring users to treatment
  • Add addiction programs to NYC’s 36 Assembly Districts that are treatment deserts

Harlem’s supervised injection site is located two blocks away from 9 schools with +4250 students and nearly 4000 residents – most of whom are people of color. Before adding more harm reduction services in this area, New York City and New York State should reduce the number of existing services in Harlem.

Please sign the petition. When you sign the petition, please make sure to add why you are signing and how this issue has affected you.

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