Sidewalks by Neighborhood

Sidewalks are a critical component of New York City residents’ commute. Ample sidewalks in neighborhoods are important for commuting, businesses, and physical activity. Greater sidewalk area facilitates safer pedestrian traffic that, in turn, attracts businesses and fosters community. “Sidewalk area” measures the percent of a neighborhood that is covered by sidewalk area.

 About the Measure

Sidewalk Area – Percent of Land Area

How Calculated: 

The total sidewalk area (curb-to-building) in km2 within the UHF neighborhood divided by the total land area (excluding inland water bodies). Higher percentages indicate greater sidewalk area, with zero representing no sidewalk area.

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Source: The Built Environment & Health Project (BEH), Columbia University

The Blinding of a Building

The blinding of a building, as seen on West 128th Street.

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