Rescue Me From Photoshop

An interesting Photoshopped cover on a contemporary Christian novel

The cross with the sun emitting rays directly into the viewer’s eye is at odds with the light on the church facade, which seems to be coming from the left. It’s unclear if the model on the novel’s cover is dressed for now or dressed for the late 60’s and the era of “carnal living,” but the Range Rover in front of the church is decidedly contemporary.

The novel’s description describes the narrative as being centered on:

Angela, a young black woman awakens in Harlem during the turbulent late sixties and early seventies to spin an ever- changing wheel of the Black church, the sexual revolution, the traditional family, civil rights, the Vietnam War and longing for fulfillment. Although the product of a Christian home, she broke from the church and got caught up in carnal living.

Here is the church, pictured on the cover, viewed on Google’s Street View:

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