Oversaturation in Harlem and East Harlem were singled out in an article from The City that highlighted New York’s Comptroller’s investigation into the unequal distribution of city services, programs, amenities, parks, and more.

Comptroller Lander noted that while some facilities, such as early childhood centers, police precincts and fire stations are fairly distributed, others — including homeless shelters, waste transfer sites, parks and social services facilities, which includes substance abuse disorder treatment programs and mental health centers — are concentrated in just some communities.

“What the audit found over and over and over again is that the city is failing to comply with basic transparency requirements,” Lander said to THE CITY.

Harlem resident, and HNBA Vice President, Shawn Hill, is quoted along with Eva Chan, President of the Harlem East Block Association:

“I want to make it very clear that NIMBY-ism is pushing back against equity in the absence of data,” Hill said. “And Harlem is saying the data shows that not just recently, but literally for generations, New York City and New York State had been packing Harlem and East Harlem with programs, facilities that they have not placed equitably in other wealthier and whiter neighborhoods.”

Said Chan: “This inequitable distribution of services — either services that people want or services that people don’t want — is, to me, structural racism, which is the most insidious form of racism.”

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