Old School Photography

The Brooklyn-based arts nonprofit client, WORTHLESS has started the Harlem edition of Free FILM: NYC with their photographer in-residence Kevin Claiborne.

Free Film is a nationwide, crowdsourced film photography project that provides photographers of all backgrounds to create work with free film and a theme provided by WORTHLESS. The project will bring a mobile darkroom and a converted Airstream trailer to Harlem and distribute free rolls of 35mm film to the community. Photographers return their exposed roll for free developing and scanning services and each iteration of FREE FILM culminates with a book featuring a selection of photographs from the returned rolls produced by analog photographers.

Free Film is a nationwide, crowdsourced film photography project empowering photographers of all backgrounds to create work prompted by a theme provided by WORTHLESS. The project democratizes how we document our communities by bringing a mobile darkroom and a converted Airstream trailer to a publicly accessible location within a specific neighborhood (in this case Harlem!) and distributing free rolls of 35mm film to the community.

Previous projects in New York have included Chinatown, The Lower East Side, The South Bronx, Sunset Park, Red Hook, etc.

Resident photographer Kevin Claiborne (who’s collaborated with New York Magazine and showed work internationally) will be

partnering with the Brotherhood of Sister Sol Youth Centre.

Worthless Studios has provided FREE FILM to projects and has engaged 2000+ participants, produced over 40,000 photographs, and developed 1500 rolls of film in 16 US states and 23 countries.

New Anti-Hate Crimes Legislation Needed

Manhattan’s D.A. Alvin Bragg supports th newly-introduced Hate Crimes Modernization Act would close loopholes by expanding the number of hate crime chargeable offenses from 66 to 97 statewide. Bragg supported the bill alongside sponsors State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal and Assemblymember Grace Lee earlier this month.

“Whether you live in Harlem, Chinatown or Hell’s Kitchen, no community is immune from experiencing hate crimes,”

The 31 proposed offenses covered by the bill include first-degree murder and second-degree rape. Second-degree murder and first-degree rape are already on the hate crime statute. False reporting of an incident could also be charged as a hate crime if the bill as it stands passes.

According to the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, anti-Black hate crimes currently account for the fourth most open cases in New York County, behind anti-Asian, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-Semitic offenses. Citywide, there were four anti-Black hate crimes reported by the NYPD last month and 43 this year as of Oct. 31.

“New York is currently experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of hate, and this includes anti-Black hate crimes, which is one of the most common forms of hate crimes in Manhattan,” said Lee over email. “The Hate Crimes Modernization Act will protect vulnerable communities, including New York’s Black community, by equipping our laws to address hate crimes when they take place. Every time a hate crime goes unrecognized, its victims are denied justice, and hate is further normalized and allowed to spread.

The 25th Precinct Community Council + Turkeys

The President of the 25th Precinct’s Community Council writes:

It is my hope that everyone is doing amazing. I just wanted to remind you that we were given a few turkeys that we will distribute to the community. We will be on 117th Street between Park and Madison on Tuesday, November 21st. Pick up time is at 1:00PM. If you are in need of a Turkey, please send a text message to 646.294.3906 with your full name and #Turkey2023. Or you can email me at 25pccinfo@gmail.com with the same information. Deadline to submit your name to me will be on Sunday at 1PM so that a voucher can be made up for you in advance.

We really want to service people in need first. Again, pick up time is at 1:00PM on November 21st. Look for the tent and listen for my big mouth. Your name will be on the list and checked off once you grab your turkey by presenting your voucher. Vouchers will be ready for pick up on Monday at 3pm. Notification will be sent to all those who communicated with me.

Programs are the only ones that can request multiple turkeys for the families that they serve.

If you know me – you know there will be some music and some dancing. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Please see the flyer below