Reconsiders Scott Joplin’s ‘The Entertainer’

Scott Joplin introduced Ragtime to America and published his most enduring song ‘The Entertainer’ (as featured in the soundtrack to the 1970’s movie, ‘The Sting’) in 1902.

While Joplin’s work was wildly popular at the time, by 1916, Joplin was living in difficult circumstances in Harlem. He was listed as being employed as a “music teacher” at a small apartment house at 133 West 138th Street. A year later, in 1917, he was living in an old row house at 160 West 133rd.

Later in 1917, he moved to a brownstone at 163 West 131st Street where he died later that year at age 49. reconsiders Scott Joplin’s legacy an the impact of ‘The Entertainer’ in particular, in this piece:

City Council Member Diana Ayala Talks to WNYC

25th Precinct Community Council Meeting

Kioka Jackson, the president of the 25th Precinct’s Community Council writes:

Hopefully, everyone is doing well.  Just want to remind you that our next meeting will take place next Wednesday, March 16th at 6:00PM.

This meeting will be held in person at the Precinct located at 120 East 119th Street.  
Please click the link below to let me know your intentions in attending.
Hope you can make it so we can discuss what’s been going on. 

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