New York is not in New York

There are 13 other places called New York around the world, according to Geo Targit:

In New Jersey, New York State’s neighbor, there is a town called West New York, but we’re not counting it in the 13. In America, there are 6 other places named New York.

New York, Texas
New York, Texas, is located in Henderson County, about 11 miles east of Athens and 87 miles east of Dallas.

New York, New Mexico
New York, New Mexico, is located in Cibola County.

New York, Missouri

New York is a ghost town in Scott County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. The first settlement at New York was made in the 1840s by a colony of Germans who immigrated via New York City, hence the name.

New York, Kentucky

New York is an unincorporated community located in Ballard County, Kentucky, United States. It has a population of 10, and is about 19 miles away from the city of Paducah.

New York, Iowa
New York, Iowa, is a former town in Wayne County. It appears to just be farmland now.

New York, Florida
New York, Florida, is located in Santa Rosa County. It is in the panhandle area of the state.

New York’s in Jamaica:

New York – Saint Catherine

New York – Saint Ann

Cities named New York in South Africa

New York – Limpopo

Cities named New York in Singapore

New York – SG

Cities named New York in Mexico

New York – Chiapas

Cities named New York in Honduras

New York – Santa Barbara

Cities named New York in the United Kingdom

New York – Lincolnshire

Bo’s Bagels

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