Neighborhood Safety Team Coming

ABC News is reporting that East Harlem will be getting a Neighborhood Street Team to address the uptick in violence that has occurred recently.

The NYPD will deploy one of 5 more anti-gun teams to East Harlem’s 25th precinct after a particularly violent weekend where 29 people were shot on Friday through Sunday. That’s up from six people shot on the same three days last year.

The first wave of the new anti-gun units started patrolling last Monday in 28 areas where shootings have increased during the pandemic

There have been 253 shooting incidents with 284 victims so far this year.

There were also five incidents over the weekend when shots were fired but no one was struck. In addition, there were six stabbings, one of them was fatal. To see the full ABC 7 report:

Teachers’ College Community School

At Teachers’ College Community School, a beautiful Art Deco cornerstone marks the year built – 1940.

On West 132nd Street.