National Geographic Travel Guide to Harlem

National Geographic UK has a (mostly) culinary guide to Harlem which does highlight many of the places to see in our community:

[Note the prices in British pounds at the end.]

One quibble is that the definition of Harlem is given as:

Harlem, a 45-block stretch from Central Park to 155th Street — clipped by Fifth Avenue to the east and the Hudson River to the west — isn’t somewhere many first-time New York City visitors see.

And yet the opening title photo is soundly in the heart of East Harlem – below the top of Central Park, and east of 5th (it looks like it was shot from Saint Cecilia’s Parish, east of Park Avenue and on 106th Street)

Still, the article is worth checking out and comparing to your top list of places you’d recommend a visitor check-out.

Earthquakes? Seriously?

Ready New York Question of the Week
What was the magnitude of New York State’s biggest earthquake?
a) 5.8
b) 6.3
c) 7.2
d) 8.7

See the correct answer here.