Meet Yusef Saalam

You are invited to join a virtual meeting with Yusef Salaam this Thursday at 7pm. After a district walk last Monday, Yusef has a good idea of East Harlem’s quality of life issues and concerns. We are hoping that after witnessing our street experience, Yusef will tell us more about what he intends to do, if elected to City Council.

To register for Thursday’s meeting, please use this link:

Please help forward this email to your neighbors!  When our neighbors are more informed about the election candidates, they will turn out to vote, and then we can effectively hold our officials accountable.

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Quote from Yusef “This gives us the opportunity to be able to restore Harlem to the greatness that it is and could always be.” (read more here)

Note that if you have questions for Yusef, you can post your questions on the Q&A section of the webinar, or feel free to send them to me ahead of time. 

See you all soon!  

Voting Resources

Check out voting resources at this website:  and forward this email to your neighbors: