KRJ Interviewed by The Nation

The controversial tweet and statements by City Council Member Kristin Richardson Jordan – sending condolences equally to the family of the killer of Officers Mora and Rivera, has led to increased media coverage.

The Nation interviewed KRJ – “Harlem’s new city councilwoman is finally getting media attention—and death threats—for sending condolences to the family of a man accused of murdering two cops.” – where KRJ doubles down on her tweet and stance equating all three lives and notes the less than sympathetic and outright hostile coverage she has begun to experience.

Even with my views on abolition, my grandfather was a police officer and my great aunt was a corrections officer. Beyond that suit is a human being. One of the things I believe the most in terms of having a transformative public safety system, and making police as we know them now obsolete, is that everyone is a human being and there’s one human family. I mourn the loss of literally all human life. I don’t see it as contradictory to mourn the life lost of Lashawn as well as the lives of Officer Rivera and Officer Mora.

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