Join County Committee

Hello Harlem Neighbors, the deadline for getting on the Harlem Democratic County Committee is fast approaching.

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One of the main reasons why County Committee is such a vital position to get on (it only takes 25 signatures from your neighbors) is that County Committee often chooses who our elected officials are:

Why you should run for County Committee?
Have a Big Impact for Very Little Work

Over the years, many Harlem officials owe their careers to Harlem’s county committee. When there is a Special Election, when the incumbent officials vacate a seat before their term ends, the county committee is the body that elects Democratic Party Nominees. Over the years, the Harlem’s county committee voted in Brian Benjamin, Cordell Cleare, Bill Perkins and Eddie Gibbs, and as often happens in Harlem, the Democratic nominee wins the Special Election open to the public easily.

And, in 2023, if Inez Dickens wins Harlem’s City Council seat, her vacated New York State Assembly will be decided by county committee members.

County Committee seats are likely to really matter this year. Running for County Committee (with just 25 signatures) can change the direction of Harlem.

There are just a few days left to fill these seats.  To get started, or just learn more, fill out this form: