It’s My (Marcus Garvey) Park Day

10AM – 1PM
Join the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance, as we roll up our sleeves to plant daffodil bulbs, rake leaves, and spruce up the dog run, to beautify our historic park.

Pool Entrance @ 124th Street & Fifth Avenue
Volunteers specifically interested helping at the dog run can meet in the dog run at 120th St. and Madison Avenue.

Gloves and planting supplies will be provided.
Light refreshments and pizza will be served.

Harlem In The Spiderverse

Perhaps one of the most odd maps of Harlem, or northern Manhattan for that matter, that I’ve seen is this one from GameRant:

The map has many things that we’d all recognize, like Central Park, Randall’s Island, the Triborough Bridge, St. Nicholas Avenue, Inwood Park, etc. But a lot of things are really, really off.

Just look at how northern Manhattan seems to be chopped off at around 130th Street, Inwood Park is a tiny stub, and Columbia University is at or below 110th Street.

Still, we’ve got a GWB, and there are nods to NYCHA properties with their tower-in-the-park design. The Metropolitan Museum looks like we’d expect and going straight up 5th Avenue, you can see a representation of Marcus Garvey Park.

Then, when you turn on layers (this map is a map within, and representing the space of, a video game) things get even more strange:

Here a whole range of things like Spider-bots, Unidentified Targets, Hunter Bases, etc., are located.

This map reminds me of the tourist maps of New York that end at 96th Street but with weird, gamer locations marked on otherwise pedestrian blocks of Harlem.