How ‘Chainy’ is Harlem?

An interesting map that looks at how much of a chain a given restaurant is. The national dataset shows which communities have independent restaurants and which ones are saturated by chains.

In Manhattan, the ‘chainiest’ neighborhood I noticed was around 34th Street:

By comparison, Harlem has chains but they aren’t the dominant kind of restaurant:

Here’s a zoom into 125th street:

You can explore the map and see where chains dominate and where mom-and-pop restaurants flourish here:

Don’t Trash Your Batteries

IMPORTANT: Batteries cause fires in recycling facilities.Do not place any batteries* or items that contain batteries in the trash or recycling – it is illegal!Batteries must be removed and disposed of properly. Bring to a SAFE EventSpecial Waste Site or Call2Recycle. Staten Island residents can find additional options here.

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