A true piece of Harlem ephemera, a matchbook for a Harlem locksmith for sale on Ebay.

The copy promotes a great deal.

Today, a ‘Gourmet’ smoke shop and deli occupy this location:

Affordable Housing vs Truck Depot

Streetsblog has an examination on the fallout of Council Member Kristin Jordan’s axing of a 50% affordable housing project at Lenox/145th Street.

“This is a particularly clear example of what happens when politicians prioritize opposing every zoning change over their constituents’ needs,” said Logan Phares, the political director of Open New York. “New York’s people, not its vehicles, urgently need a roof over their heads. Amid climate change’s recent effect on the five boroughs, as well as a rise in homelessness and traffic deaths, it’s disappointing to see that the Council member took the route that will lead to more trucks on the road rather than more residents with a place to sleep at night.”

The article looks at the history, hijinks, and potential health fall-out from the On45 development project:


Basketball Clinics