Curbside Composting

Curbside Composting is coming back — in a new way! DSNY will collect food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard waste and turn it into compost or renewable energy. This free service is voluntary, and residents must sign up.


The program is open to residential buildings of all sizes in all parts of Harlem.

Sign Up and Stay Informed

Sign-up is now open! We will notify you when service will start in your area. If you do not live in an area where the service is yet offered, we will let you know about opportunities to bring your food scraps to a drop-off location or how to compost at home (and will let you know if service is expanding to your area!).

We want to hear from everyone interested in Curbside Composting as it helps us make the case to expand this service to more neighborhoods.

Apartment Buildings

Multi-unit apartment buildings must have management approval. Ask your building management or board members to sign up. If you are in an eligible neighborhood, we will notify the building representative when service will start in your area.


Curbside Composting service will resume this fall on a rolling basis based on the number of sign ups in each neighborhood. This way we can ensure there will be enough material set out for our trucks to pick up.

The more sign-ups in your area, the quicker service will start!

Brown Bins

If you do not have a DSNY-issued brown bin, you can request one when you sign up and we will deliver it before your service begins.

Why Compost?

Composting keeps our neighborhoods clean and healthy! Food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste make up a third of the trash New Yorkers throw away. Our brown bins have latching lids that make it harder for rodents and pests to get to your food waste. It’s much easier for them to rip open a bag at the curb.
The finished compost made from your food and yard waste nourishes our soil for healthier parks and gardens.
Composting makes our city more sustainable—we can reduce waste sent to landfills and create clean, renewable energy to heat or power homes.
What Goes in the Brown Bin

ALL FOOD WASTE including:

coffee grounds and tea bags
shells (seafood, nut, and egg)
spoiled and expired food
food soiled paper (napkins, towels, uncoated plates, bags, trays, boxes)
Yard and Plant Waste including:

spent flowers and trimmings
small twigs
grass clippings
BPI approved compostable items.

DO NOT put in:

Trash of any kind including:
diapers and hygienic products
animal waste
wrappers and packaging
foam products
Recyclables including:
rigid plastic
beverage cartons
clean recyclable paper

Spread the word!

Help us inform New Yorkers about curbside composting by sharing digital content (social media posts, sample text for newsletters, and graphics) from our Make Compost, Not Trash website.

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