Councilmember Jordan Will Not Seek Reelection

Harlem’s Council Member Jordan has decided to not run for reelection. Jordan’s name will remain on the ballot, and she will continue to serve out the rest of her term.

Jordan’s decision leaves Inez Dickens, Al Taylor, and Yusef Salaam in the race.

Harlem resident and activist, Syderia Asberry-Chresfield, said that The Greater Harlem Coalition — which has spoken out about the placement of supervised injection sites in the neighborhood — often found it difficult to work with the outgoing councilmember. 

“We found it challenging to work with a politician who repeatedly viewed issues and concerns through a lens of ideology, rather than through the needs and wishes of constituents,” Asberry-Chresfield wrote in an email to THE CITY.

“Harlem wants a pragmatic and effective Council member.  We’ve had two years of ideology, let’s aim for two years of results.”

Precinct Council Meeting Tonight

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