Chicken and Waffles

Although it’s widely regarded as soul food, Chicken & Waffles actually finds its origins up North: in Harlem, to be exact. This dish was first concocted by jazz musicians who frequented the 24-hour Wells Supper Club. The performers constantly played strange hours throughout the night, and by the time they were able to eat, they couldn’t decide if they were craving breakfast or dinner. As a compromise, they ordered Chicken & Waffles — satisfying both desires.

The dish later traveled down south, and is often thought of as a Southern delicacy. Even so, there are some New York restaurants that still serve Chicken & Waffles during the early hours of the morning – as the dish was meant to be eaten.

The Overdose and Addiction Crisis Continues

New York City’s Overdose Death Rate in 2022

Per 100,000 Residents

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