Estey Piano Company and the 3rd Avenue Bridge

An Ebay posting of the 3rd Avenue Bridge in stereoscope:

And while it’s hard to see in the photo above, there are horse-drawn wagons on the right, and pedestrians on the left, all waiting for the perpendicular center span to repivot back to allow passage for terrestrial forms of transportation (clearly a boat of some sort must have prompted this swing bridge to swing open.

Below are the pedestrians waiting (note the safety railing separating them from a plunge into the Harlem river):

And below, a close-up of the horse-drawn wagons:

Note, the building popping up above the bridge’s arch, on the Bronx side of the Harlem River. This building, now known as the Bronx’s Clock Tower (and currently a residential and commercial building), was at the time of this 1890 stereoscope, the Estey Piano Company’s building in Port Morris.

The Estey Organ Company was an organ manufacturer based in Brattleboro, Vermont, founded in 1852 by Jacob Estey. At its peak, the company was one of the world’s largest organ manufacturers, employed about 700 people, and sold its high-quality items as far away as Africa, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Estey built around 500,000 to 520,000 pump organs between 1846 and 1955. Estey also produced pianos, made in The Bronx in what was known as the Estey Piano Company Factory – now the Clock Tower Building.

Harlem Arts Stroll


NOVEMBER 12, 2022, 1PM TO 6PM

It’s about Harlem from 110th to 155th Streets with its galleries and businesses welcoming you.

Spend time with:

CALABAR GALLERY @calabargallery

CLAIRE OLIVER GALLERY @claireolivergallery

KENTE ROYAL GALLERY @kente_royal_gallery

UNDERGROUND GALLERY @reginaldrousseauarts

HEATH GALLERY @heathgallery

ILON ART GALLERY @ilonartgallery

L’ SPACE DE REVE @lespacedereve

DIASPORA NOW @cafaartfair

ARTISTIC NOISE @artistic_noise

JVS PROJECT SPACE @jvsprojectspace

AHL FOUNDATION @ahlfoundation

FACES OF HARLEM @facesofharlem

ART & FOOD will be at:


It’s very much local and global. Come experience of Harlem culture. Email [email protected]

How ‘Chainy’ is Harlem?

An interesting map that looks at how much of a chain a given restaurant is. The national dataset shows which communities have independent restaurants and which ones are saturated by chains.

In Manhattan, the ‘chainiest’ neighborhood I noticed was around 34th Street:

By comparison, Harlem has chains but they aren’t the dominant kind of restaurant:

Here’s a zoom into 125th street:

You can explore the map and see where chains dominate and where mom-and-pop restaurants flourish here:

Don’t Trash Your Batteries

IMPORTANT: Batteries cause fires in recycling facilities.Do not place any batteries* or items that contain batteries in the trash or recycling – it is illegal!Batteries must be removed and disposed of properly. Bring to a SAFE EventSpecial Waste Site or Call2Recycle. Staten Island residents can find additional options here.

Elks Lounge

A series of images for sale on Ebay from June 1945 and a Harlem Blues nightclub named: Elks Rendezvous.

The club was located at 133 and Lenox Ave, and featured distinctive ‘target’ tables.

The Smithsonian’s collection in Washington DC includes a table knocker from the Elks Rendezvous in the Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Vicki Gold Levi

An Elk’s Rendezvous cabaret table knocker in the shape of a small mallet. The head is a small wooden cylinder with several incised lines running around the circumference. The head is painted red. The handle, a simple straight stick, has the words “Elks Rendezvous / Harlem’s Foremost Cabaret / 133rd St. & Lenox Ave. NYC / 3 Shows Nightly AU -8111” is stamped lengthways along it. Stamped on either side of the text is a geometric pattern in orange ink.

The Marathon!

Wakanda Forever

To celebrate the new “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” film that opens on November 11th, Marvel has hired Vince Ballentine to create a Harlem Black Panther mural.

The mural took almost five days to complete and highlights “Shuri,” Black Panther’s sister and one of the most impactful characters in the Marvel Universe. The mural is on W. 124, just east of Lenox.

Chickens in Harlem

If you’re ever under the MetroNorth tracks at 117th Street, make sure to check out the Urban Garden Center’s chickens.

The chickens look great, have plenty of straw and space, and help keep the bugs down.

LGA + Harlem

Travelers to LGA’s Terminal B have likely noticed the massive mosaic wall with stylized clouds and New York icons sprinkled about.

Artist Laura Owens has created a playful checklist of the important and ephemeral New York sites for visitors and natives to smile and nod at. Everything from the eternal (the pizza slice):

to the soon-to-be-nostalgia, MetroCard:

For her I 🍕NY installation at La Guardia, Owens worked with the largest interior wall of the new terminal and chose ceramic tile as her medium—for the very first time. Working remotely during the pandemic, she oversaw the installation of the 625,000 tiles that were hand-laid to create an almost 25,000-sf image with a pixelated and pointillist feel. In the expansive skyscape, puffy white clouds float in a variegated blue sky, interspersed with 80 iconic images referencing the history, culture and quirky charms of New York City.

And yes, Harlem represents, with the iconic Apollo marquee poking out:

(and note the use of the ever-ubiquitous emblem of New York, the subway tile.

Peace and Unity for Harlem

Join the 125th Street BID in their annual Holiday parade and Holiday lights celebration.

November 15th is the parade date. You know the location, but details on the flyer below:

An HNBA Conversation With The Safe Injection Site On East 126th St.

Make sure to join the Tuesday, November 8th, HNBA monthly meeting at 7:00 PM.  We’ve invited the Executive Director of OnPoint – the organization that runs the safe injection site on East 126th Street near Lexington.  This injection site has been in operation for almost a year, and this is your chance to learn what they do, who they serve, and to offer your thoughts on how this site has impacted our community.

Tune in, ask questions, and offer your insight.

Topic: HNBA Meeting

Time: Nov 8, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 889 1097 8488

Passcode: 629964

Uptown Grand Central’s Been Busy

Just look at this gorgeous light display under the MetroNorth tracks:

Uptown Grand Central never ceases to amaze viewers/visitors by routinely proving how amazing East Harlem is.

Harlem Brew Fest


Where It All Started • Harlem, NYC  November 2017.  Harlem Brew Fest was the first festival in the world to connect all brewers, artists, chefs and DJs in celebration of Black Brewing culture and featured: Sankofa Beer, Black Frog Brewery, Island to Island Beer, 1947 Beer, Harlem Brewing and Rams & Parrot Distillery.

On November 12th, Harlem Brew Fest returns.

Tickets here:

Redistricting Harlem

HarlemWorld has a great article on how City Council District 9 could be impacted by redistricting.

(100) Faces of Harlem

Make sure to head over to Morningside Park, and stroll along it on the sidewalk next to Morningside Avenue. Along this sidewalk (mounted on the park fence) is a gorgeous photo project that centers on portraying Harlem residents in public and domestic spaces.

The exhibition focuses on the beauty of everyday people. Some photos (like the one below on Astor Row) present the public-facing side, but most of the photos in the exhibit are quiet, powerful, and intimate portraits of Harlem residents in their homes or private spaces.

The series (below) for example, explores centuries of Christian (mostly Catholic) imagery through the lens of contemporary Harlem residents.

Make sure to check out the exhibit before it closes on November 30th.

Save The Date

The A. Philip Randolph Square Neighborhood Allianceis organizing an important ZOOM forum that asks:WHAT ARE COMMUNITY LAND TRUSTS & WHAT CAN THEY DO FOR US