For those of us able to remember the ‘Beeper Era’, the ad here, up high on the side of the storefront, is a blast from the past:

Although very faded, you can still make out the number to call and the number to ‘beep’ – 917-949-6247.

An East Harlem bit of commercial ephemera.

Preserve Harlem and East Harlem

As we continue to celebrate our 50th anniversary we are launching a video series called “I am Preservation” to highlight the widespread love of landmarks throughout New York City. We want to show how important historic preservation is to so many people.  Many of our supporters have filmed short clips expressing how they represent “Preservation.” We are featuring three samples in the video above.  Please join in the celebration and send us your video. We will post clips throughout the rest of the year on our many social media platforms.TIPS for making your own “I am Preservation” video.Say your name, and if you like, the neighborhood that you live in.Briefly comment on what you love about New York City landmarks or a specific historic building, place, or structure. And, finish by saying “I am Preservation!”Film in landscape mode (hold smartphone horizontally)If you can’t film yourself, maybe have a friend film you in front of a landmark or your favorite historic building or structure.Be aware of your surroundings (street-level noise, etc.)Check your lighting. If possible, you don’t want to be in an area that is too dark or too bright.Set up your shot (minimize things that might be distracting on screen) We are looking for short clips. Thirty seconds at maximum.Make eye contact, don’t forget to smile.Speak up and enunciate your words. We want viewers to hear you.Send your finished video clips to photos@nylandmarks.orgHave fun!
OTHER DETAILS Please submit your videos or downloadable links via email to photos@nylandmarks.orgBy submitting videos, participants certify that the clips provided are theirs and grant The New York Landmarks Conservancy the right to usage.The Conservancy reserves the right to edit or reject submissions.The “I am Preservation” campaign is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook or any other social media.By submitting your video, you agree that clips or still images can be used by The New York Landmarks Conservancy for social media posts, email campaigns, and printed publications.