Update on Mayor Visit of 125 Street


Many of your have heard that Mayor De Blasio visited 125th Street in November after the Greater Harlem Coalition sent a letter to the Mayor. Elected officials have given an update to the community board this week regarding actions they have taken to mitigate the quality of life issues. See this post for more detail: Actions Taken Post Mayor Visit of 125th Street – Greater Harlem Coalition. Keep raising your concerns. This is how we can help our elected officials improve our quality of life.

New Community Board Members Wanted!

Community Boards in East Harlem (#11) and Central Harlem (#10) now welcome new members. Deadline to apply is Feb 15. Elected officials themselves or their aides join the meetings of community boards, thus it is one of the easiest way to voice your concerns to NYC elected officials. Though it does not have voting power, the community board also advises city officials on land use applications (e.g. rezoning issues) and budget allocation.

Community Board is a good platform for policy advocacy and to build a network in the neighborhood. For example, CB7 in Upper West Side played an instrumental role in pushing back 1 of the 60 temporary homeless shelter. See article here: news 1, news 2.

The flip side is that this work takes time, which would be about 6-8 hours a month. If you have questions about the time commitment and responsibilities.. etc, feel free to text me to find a time to talk at 415 215 2035..

JP Morgan Summer Internship Program for Black College Students

Harlem neighbors,

JP Morgan Chase has a summer internship program for black college sophomore students. This full time paid program lasts for 6 weeks. All majors are considered. Seats are opened in various major cities, including NYC. DEADLINE to apply is Dec 20. Click on this link to apply.

This competitive program is a great stepping stone to launch your career in the finance industry. Students will be given excellent access to senior managers in the firm. Please spread the words to your students, friends and family. To learn more, sign up for join an info session on Dec 2nd 5pm – 645pm Eastern time by Nov 29.

Chase Internship
Chase Internship Program

East Harlem is Overburdened with 14% of Drug Treatment Capacity in NYC

While East Harlem has 1.5% of New York City’s population, it has 13.6% of New York City’s drug treatment capacity, according to data as of 2019 from NY agency OASAS. The graphic below illustrates how severely East Harlem is oversaturated with drug treatment facilities. This unfair social injustice MUST END!

East Harlem has 1.5% of population but 13.6% of drug treatment capacity
Data source: NYC Government OASAS Agency as a FOIL request by Y Pielet as of April 2019

With so many patients commuting into East Harlem for drug treatment, our district is overburdened while already struggling with other social, environmental, economic, and educational issues. Petition to your elected officials – Send Email or call them -to either dramatically reduce our 13.6% burden or perhaps allocate 13.6% of New York City’s budget as a compensation for this injustice.

Drilling down to the data, we can see that Beth Israel Medical Center and Harlem East Life Plan alone contribute to nearly 60% of the capacity. Elected officials should immediately discuss ways to reduce this capacity.

Beth Israel and Harlem East Life Plan represent 60% of the district's capacity

As for which district is not receiving its fair share of drug treatment capacities? Data speaks for itself

Manhattan is oversaturated with drug treatment capacities

Cleaner police garage on 118 St and Park

Inspired by the discussion in HBNA’s September meeting, the folks on the block of 118 Street and Park helped clean up the pile of trash in the police garage under the metro north rail. The trash picked up completely fill one large trash bag. Please help to keep the area clean for our children and residents!

Police garage on 118 Street and Park Avenue - before clean up
Before clean up

Police garage on 118 and Park - after clean up
After clean up