Africa Center

YIMBY is reporting that:

The Africa Center has commissioned Caples Jefferson Architects to complete new spaces within the property to support a lush calendar of exhibitions, performances, and educational events. Located at 1280 Fifth Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, The Africa Center occupies 70,000 square feet of the building and is spread across three floors.

Read more on the future plans and the background of the Africa Center, here:

Federal US Marshalls Raid New Ivoire

Last week we caught a raid in progress – from rushing out of unmarked vehicles in full body armor and brandishing long guns, to a suspect being taken out of New Ivoire Restaurant with hands raised.

It appeared as if about a dozen officers were involved and one suspect was detained.

New Ivoire Restaurant (which I’ve been going to for 20 years now) has the best Dèguè or Thiakry which makes a great breakfast or dessert.

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