Affordable Elder Housing

A new development at Park/110th Street is currently being planned. The Carmen Villegas Apartments will be a new mixed-use affordable elder housing building and house hundreds of seniors.

The adjacent Casita Park Apartments built in 2003 have an unused parking lot at the corner of Park/110th which will now be repurposed for the Carmen Villegas Apartments.

The new building, designed by Magnusson Architecture and Planning (MAP) and Terrain, will create new affordable housing, commercial/retail space, and community facility space. The project will serve low-income residents over the age of 62 and will be affirming to the LGBTQ+ population. It will also meet stringent standards for energy efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency.

The Carmen Villegas Apartments will set a new standard for non-profit affordable housing in the neighborhood and the city. It will be a model of design excellence, green and resilient building, and resident- and community-centered development.  The Public Art Initiative (#ArtatAscendant) will commission public art for the Carmen Villegas Apartments project that will highlight and honor the eponymous Ms. Villegas’ contributions to the East Harlem community.

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